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selvedges 74% polyester 26% elastane
regenerated cotton balls

Ambiente is an immersive work that takes the form of a forest composed exclusively of knots of polyester selvedges.
Walking through this ‘forest’ offers an opportunity for introspection regarding our daily actions and their environmental implications. Each step invites reflection on the consequences of our choices, how they shape our environment and our connection to nature.

The nodes themselves thus become a tangible representation of our daily actions, the mistakes we have made in the past and the future challenges we face. Think, for example, of deserts turned into rubbish dumps, such as the Atacama Desert in Chile, or cities overloaded with waste, such as Accra in Ghana. These places become concrete testimonies of the consequences of our actions, encouraging us to reflect on the choices we make every day.

Ultimately, Ambiente urges us to reflect deeply on our impact on the environment, prompting us to consider our daily actions in a broader context to adopt more responsible and conscious behaviours to preserve the beauty and diversity of our world.

Art project supported by Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto and two textile companies (Filatura Astro S.r.l, Eurojersey S.p.A), realised during the artistic residency Circulart2.0.

Ambiente, 2021 installation view,

installation view at Cittadellarte, Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella (IT)

Ambiente, installation view at Cittadellarte
Ambiente, installation view
Ambiente, audience interaction
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