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100% cotton fabric, 100% wool felt, recycled Polypropylene plastic (PP) 

   Differenziare prototype is an educational tool designed to teach children the importance of separate waste collection.

Drawing inspiration from the Montessori pedagogical approach, it aims to cultivate the child's ability to distinguish and differentiate objects based on their characteristics while instilling a sense of environmental responsibility from an early age.
The prototype consists of a mat and yellow cotton panel with interchangeable pockets and sixteen blue recycled plastic shapes with an engraved number representing the symbol commonly used in waste collection systems to separate the various plastic materials. 
These symbols add an element of authenticity to the learning experience and help children familiarise themselves with waste management practices. As the child engages with the prototype, they are requested to sort and place four shapes with the same number into each pocket. This activity fosters cognitive development by challenging the child's ability to observe, compare, and categorize objects based on their shared attributes. Through repetition and understanding of the exercise, the child gradually internalizes the concepts of separate waste collection and becomes more aware of the importance of recycling and environmental sustainability.

Differenziare prototype stimulates sensory exploration, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The child is encouraged to learn at their own pace, processing knowledge through repeated engagement with the exercise. Differenziare seeks to inspire a generation of eco-conscious individuals to make responsible choices in waste management.

   Art project supported by Cas*Aupa and Confartigianato Udine.

differenziare, 100% cotton fabric, 100% wool felt, recycled Polypropylene plastic (PP) 
Differenziare, installation view, prototype
Differenziare, installation view, prototype
Differenziare, detail
Differenziare, detail
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