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performer: Alice Tagliaferri
                  Daniel Tosseghini

hand-embroidered 100% cotton fabric bags filled with spelt chaff and wood shavings; 100% Vi-Bamboo fabric curtain dyed with Haematoxylum campechianum, purple maize, Arthrospira platensis, Indigofera tinctoria, Clitoria ternatea and Hydrangea; 100% cotton ropes

sound 35’34”

   Samudra is a multidisciplinary work that celebrates the greatness of the oceans and the unbreakable connection between humanity and the vast marine world. 

The title itself, literally translated as ‘ocean’ in Sanskrit, symbolizes the unbreakable bond between all forms of life and natural forces, embracing the idea of a cosmic union and emphasizing universal unity and interdependence.

Through a fusion of visual, auditory, and choreographic elements, the work invites the audience on a metaphorical journey into the depths of the sea. Two performers interact with bags representing various marine ecosystems and oceanic organisms, creating a visible connection with the ocean. This interaction transforms the blue fabric into a symbolic tent that evokes the protection offered by a healthy and vibrant marine environment. The performers’ movements accompany a soundscape blending ocean sounds—from the whisper of waves to the song of whales—and the sounds of different ecosystems. This auditory experience reflects the diversity and vitality of marine habitats, enveloping the audience and enhancing immersion in the journey into the depths of the sea.

Additionally, Samudra offers participants the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the ocean through QR codes on the bags. This resource, developed in collaboration with marine scientist Francesca Pasotti, aims to educate and raise awareness, inviting each individual to actively contribute to ocean conservation.

Samudra is committed to raising awareness and engaging the public in the conservation of the oceans, promoting the honourable preservation of this extraordinary and interconnected world without borders.

   Art project supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels and presented during the Diciannovesima Giornata del Contemporaneo, organised by AMACI at the Foundation Volta XL in Brussels.

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