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performer: Diyana Karakoleva 
                  (9 years old) 

40% cotton 45% lyocell 15% Seacell fabric dyed with Chenopodium bonus-henricus and Curcuma; 60% cotton 30% Seacell 20% lyocell fabric dyed with Haematoxylum campechianum and Hydrangea; gloves 100% cotton GOTS dyed with Kerria lacca, Lawsonia inermis, Frangula and Curcuma longa

   (De)ossigenazione is a performative artwork born from the urgent need to address the dreadful impact of eutrophication on the Black Sea. Created during the artistic residency EMPACT Empathy and Sustainability: "The Art of Thinking Like a Mountain" in Sozopol, Bulgaria, this performance emerges as a voice of urgency and hope.

Through visual symbolism and movement, (De)ossigenazione captures the essence of the struggle against the excessive accumulation of nutrients, revealing the disastrous consequences of this phenomenon on the marine ecosystem. The story comes to life with a young protagonist, a tangible symbol of the link between future generations and the health of our planet.

Wrapped in a green blanket, the child represents the suffocating grip of anoxia, a direct result of eutrophication. However, the performance evolves, progressively unveiling a hope embodied by red gloves, a vibrant homage to the Phyllophora algae, once a symbol of balance and health in the waters of the Black Sea.

The transition from green to blue during the performance signifies the promise of a potential recovery of the Black Sea, while the child’s dance embodies the rebirth of Phyllophora algae, a tangible symbol of human potential for positive change.

(De)ossigenazione is a call to action against eutrophication and a message of hope. The artwork invites consideration of the potential for positive transformation, acknowledging that despite existing challenges, there is room to reverse the damage inflicted on the marine environment and to build a sustainable future.


/ The project is accompanied by a QR code that provides access to an online information page offering a deeper understanding of eutrophication and its impact on the Black Sea.

   *EMPACT - Empathy and Sustainability: "The Art of Thinking Like a Mountain" is a 24-month transnational cooperation project among the Cyprus University of Technology (CY) as lead partner, Espacio Rojo (SP), Nature, Art & Habitat Residency (IT), National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Kr. Sarafov ” (NATFA) (BG), Umetnostna Galerija Maribor (SL), Vorres Museum (GR), Wisefour Ltd. (CY), and Fondazione Lamberto Puggelli (IT), which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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