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green fabric/ 40% cotton 45% lyocell 15% Seacell fabric dyed with Chenopodium bonus-henricus and Curcuma longa
blue fabric/ 60% cotton 30% Seacell 20% lyocell fabric dyed with Haematoxylum campechianum and Hydrangea
gloves/ 100% cotton GOTS dyed with Kerria lacca, Lawsonia inermis, Frangula and Curcuma longa

(De)ossigenazione is a performance piece that addresses the impact of eutrophication on the delicate Black Sea ecosystem.
Created during an artistic residency in Sozopol, Bulgaria, as part of the project "EMPACT Empathy and Sustainability: The Art of Thinking Like a Mountain", this performance emerges as a voice of urgency and hope.
(De)ossigenazione unfolds as a visual story intertwined with the actions of a little girl, symbolising the vital connection between the new generation and the future of our planet.
The starting point sees the little girl wrapped in a suffocating green blanket, metaphorically representing the oppressive anoxia caused by eutrophication. Her struggle to free herself from this cocoon reflects the condition of marine life and Black Sea ecosystems fighting the damaging effects of excess nutrients.
As the performance unfolds, she gradually reveals red gloves, evoking the red algae (Phyllophora) once abundant in the waters of the Black Sea. This transformation symbolises the potential for regeneration and renewal in the face of environmental challenges.
As the green fabric transitions into shades of blue, it signifies hope for the recovery of the Black Sea.
The girl's liberation from the green cocoon indicates the resilience and determination needed to tackle the devastating effects of eutrophication. Finally, the dance on the blue fabric symbolises the triumphant return of the Phyllophora algae to the Black Sea, embodying the idea that our actions can rejuvenate and restore the delicate marine ecosystem.
It should be noted that the blanket used in the performance was made from two different fabrics: one composed of 40% cotton, 45% lyocell and 15% seacell, dyed with Curcuma and Blitum bonus-henricus, and the other 60% cotton, 30% seacell and 20% lyocell, dyed with Hydrangea and Haematoxylum campechianum. The gloves worn by the girl are made of 100% GOTS cotton, dyed with Kerria lacquer, Lawsonia inermis and Rhamnus frangula.
The project is accompanied by a QR code that provides access to an online information page offering a deeper understanding of eutrophication and its impact on the Black Sea.

Click                to access the online page. 

(De)ossigenazione, performance at Sozopol Beach, Bulgaria (BG)

performer: Diyana Karakoleva 

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